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Cosmetic Dentistry

We believe that cosmetic dentistry Abu Dhabi is a state of the art notion which treatments are tailored to suit every patient's unique features, looks, and particular needs as well as their much desired results.

To give our patients the best cosmetic dentistry in Abu Dhabi and the best smile possible, we’ve adopted a new technology known as the “Facial software analyzer”. The advanced software analyses your unique features including your skin color and facial shape, and come up with an image that reflects the correct smile to suit your features and improve your aesthetic look. The facial software analyzer allows you to view your potential future smile and to alter it to your liking before you even commence treatment, which allows us to give you the exact smile you desire. At Lilac Medical Center our aim is to give you the best cosmetic dentistry in Abu Dhabi and the smile you’ve always wanted.

Cosmetic Dentistry at Lilac Medical Centre includes:

Laser Dentistry 

At Lilac Medical Center, we provide you with the most advanced techniques of laser dentistry, using a powerful shaft of light rather than the traditional dentist tools, Biolsase Laser dentistry requires less local anesthesia and causes less bleeding and swelling since it’s minimally invasive, and prevents any other discomfort that usually occur during a conventional dental procedure. 

Laser dentistry is safe and effective for several types of dental procedures. Removing decays, preparing your teeth for fillings, treating any oral lesions, removing the tissue for biopsies, enhancing teeth whitening procedures and treating infections such as gingivitis, in addition to fast and safe bleaching and de-pigmentation are all part of what laser dentistry has to offer you.

Fast, easy and effective! Biolase is a proven method that creates a perfect smile through advanced laser dentistry technology. The use of this innovative technique in addition to our microscope procedure will deliver you the flawless result you long for. Having a wider working field with more precision and the right advanced technology will guarantee you the ideal smile. 

Hollywood Smile 

Have you ever wanted to have that shimmering smile of your favorite celebrity? At Lilac Medical Center we provide you just that! We promise you that you will be smiling a lot more often, because we believe that there is a star inside everybody. A Hollywood smile is a whole makeover procedure that is gradually completed, after discussing your questions and concerns with our specialists. 

For a Hollywood smile treatment, we first take into considerations your wishes and expectations, and we study your smile closely and accurately by taking photos, x-rays and an imprint of your teeth to prepare a wax-up, then we discuss in details the colors of the veneers by displaying you a number of shades. The wax-up will surely give you a glimpse of the awaited final result before even starting the treatment of the Hollywood smile.

You will be able to try the temporaries as to have an idea about the shape of your future teeth before we even start the Hollywood smile treatment.

Then, we reduce the enamel of your teeth to some extent in order to make room for the veneers that are customized and fabricated to best suit your teeth. Once that is done, the veneers are bonded to your teeth, leaving you with the most exquisite Hollywood smile.


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