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General Dental Care General Dental Care

General Dental Care

We aim at bringing the finest general dental Care for all of our patients in Abu Dhabi, UAE; a promise that we keep by our sincere focus on providing one of the best and widest range of dental care services in Abu Dhabi. 

Our specialized dentists at Lilac Medical Centre are most friendly and are experts when dealing with anxious patients, thanks to our “know how” procedures and the most of relaxing atmosphere before and during general dental care dentistry. 

At Lilac Medical Centre, general dental care starts by examining each patient’s main concerns which later on will consist the basis on which we build the current and future treatment plan, both on clinical and personal desire basis. General dental care exam usually covers oral health screening and a clinical evaluation of dental health in addition to a clinical screening for any gum diseases and/or damages. General dental care exam includes as well a Bite examination and a Clinical Aesthetic exam to assess all available modern treatments for a particular patient to enhance his/her appearance and smile.  

Beneficial treatments are discussed with patients after the general dental care exam and a convenient treatment plan is tailored to suit their very needs, concerns, and budgets.

Dental & Gum Hygiene

Do you know that your dental and gum hygiene relates directly to your general health? Actually studies show a direct relationship between gum health and general health issues such as heart diseases, diabetes, and auto-immune diseases, let alone its effect on total appearance and the beautiful smile we all dream of! 

Gum bleeding while brushing or flossing may indicate a gum disease and it might not have any signs in the beginning until late stages when the patient’s bone that supports the teeth can be lost and may result in an unstable tooth.

Well, Gum diseases can be totally preventable with good oral and dental hygiene in addition to regular check-ups. Lilac Medical Centre offers total cleaning procedures for gum to retain its health, cleaning it from plaque buildups, while preventing and curing diseases and improving its appearance.  Our assessment will decide the patient’s need to undergo a simple clean and polish, or a special dental hygiene therapy session. 

It’s good to know that dental hygiene and tooth cleaning is a painless procedure and that many people attend and enjoy regular cleaning sessions to get a cleaner and a fresher mouth. In cases of very sensitive teeth or for patients with a gum disease, an extra care is taken to ensure the procedure is extremely comfortable and a total dental hygiene is completely attained.

Gum Diseases

Gum diseases are caused and intensified by plaque presence. It typically describes swelling, aching, and infection of tissues supporting teeth. 

The two main forms of gum disease are; “Gingivitis” which is a mild painless infection that leads to bleeding during brushing and/or flossing, and “Periodontal” disease which is a long-standing gingivitis that needs careful diagnosis to determine type and stage and take the right clinical action. Gum disease symptoms are usually bleeding during brushing and flossing or eating, bad breath, tongue deposits, and most importantly losing the bone supporting teeth which results in tooth loosing. 

Good news is gum diseases are preventable if a patient follows a good prevention therapy which should assure great extent of responding. At Lilac Medical Center we will make sure your gum is examined carefully, and a regular cleaning routine is followed even at home to remove all the plaque from your teeth on daily basis. We highly advice regular check-ups for everybody, particularly pregnant women and smokers who are at higher risk levels.


Fillings are used to repair damages in a tooth caused by decay, trauma, and any possible inherent deficiency. With new technological advancements, a variety of materials have become available to repair and restore tooth integrity, functionality, and even to enhance its beauty. 

Our advice at Lilac Medical Center is to check up regularly and act promptly if you need a filling so as to save your tooth pain and prevent advanced damage which might affect tooth structure and risking the nerve of the tooth. 

Filling materials are determined by each individual case where the patient would know pros and cons of each type and would be advised on best available technologies. At Lilac Medical Center however, filling and repairs are made particularly from porcelain which is usually stronger and longer lasting, and would fit perfectly when the tooth is severely damaged. Our tooth restorations might take more than one visit, but with the advancement and complexity in dental technology, visits might be kept to minimum and in some cases a restoration can be provided in a one single visit.

Root Canal - Endodontics

Root Canal treatment / Endodontic is less painful than ever before, thanks to our investment in most modern of technologies including digital x-rays and exceptional anesthetics for most of comfortable root canal treatments. Time patients spend on the chair is definitely less and root canal treatment results are far better and more efficient than ever before. 

Root Canal treatments / Endodontics involve treatment of dental pulp which contain nerve/s, Lymphatic tissues, and fibrous tissues or as we commonly call it the nerve in the tooth. Endodontic treatment triggers the nerve which is located at the center of the tooth in a small canal that extends to the roots, and saves teeth from extractions. It includes cleaning the damaged or even dead nerve tissue and all canals that have been infected while preparing root canal to be filled and tooth be restored so it functions back magnificently for years to come.

Endodontic treatment has a greater success rate and would be the best solution to be carried out if the tooth is in a state of restoration, otherwise other options would be available to ensure more suitable long term outcome such as removal and restoration with dental implant.

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patient instructions

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Patient education

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