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Orthodontics-Pedodontist Abu Dhabi Orthodontics-Pedodontist Abu Dhabi

Orthodontics-Pedodontist Abu Dhabi

Orthodontics-Pedodontist Abu Dhabi is our pediatric dental specialty that focuses on your child’s overall oral health while taking the necessary preventative measures to ensure your child leads a healthy lifestyle. At Lilac Medical Center, and during the child’s dental exam, an assessment of the child’s bite will be undertaken for potential orthodontic problems by our specialized Pedodontist, and if problems are identified, our orthodontist will take necessary procedures to address these problems effectively and ensure your child’s a healthy and beautiful teeth. 

It is good to know that our Orthodontics-Pedodontist Abu Dhabi take different approaches based on the child’s age to know how to deal with their behavior and to guide them to their dental growth and development, ensuring they can always avoid future dental problems.

You don’t have to live with bad teeth & your kids don’t have to neither! Bring your kids to one of our Orthodontics-Pedodontist Abu Dhabi, specializing in treating general and orthodontic problems from the very minor to the most complicated case.

Why see an Orthodontist or Pedodontist at Lilac Abu Dhabi, UAE?

  • Straighten your teeth

  • Improve your smile

  • Take care of your kids’ oral health

  • Make your bite fit together

  • Enjoy a unique dental care service

Orthodontics & Short-term Services Orthodontics Abu Dhabi

While you seek perfection in life, it is important you give your aesthetics the necessary attention it requires. Actually you are not alone! Thousands of adults are unhappy and embarrassed with their smile, and they spend their entire lives covering their mouths when they laugh or talk. 

Some feel the burden of having to wear metal braces for years and others might be concerned about the corrective procedures that could be very invasive or too expensive. Now, there is an effective, comfortable, and affordable cosmetic solution offered to you by our orthodontic services Abu Dhabi that will definitely fit your lifestyle. With Lilac Medical Center orthodontic services Abu Dhabi; supervised by the eminent member of the American association of Orthodontists and the Dento-facial orthodontist Dr. Tareq Alzeitani, you can have a correct jaw alignment, straighter teeth, and a more attractive smile quickly and safely more than ever before. 

Orthodontic services Abu Dhabi include the latest orthodontic technologies that are applied to patients according to their case and the assessment of their dental exam. These technologies include and are not limited to:

  • Fixed orthodontic appliances both metal and clear generations.

  • Self-ligating bracket systems that can reduce both chair-time and overall treatment duration and enhance the patient comfort during orthodontic treatments and services Abu Dhabi. 

  • Clear removable aligner systems (Invisalign™) that provide a perfect invisible treatment option for high profile patients. This system can also be employed by any patient who is cooperative and doesn’t want others to notice that he or she are under orthodontic treatment. 

With our pioneering orthodontic services Abu Dhabi and our premium financial plans, you will have the best of aesthetically pleasing results and the necessary treatments to correct jaw alignment, crowding, gaps, and/or other issues that can have lifelong positive impacts on your health, social life, and total wellbeing.

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patient instructions

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Patient education

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