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Reconstruction of Mouth and Full Rehabilitation Reconstruction of Mouth and Full Rehabilitation

Reconstruction of Mouth and Full Rehabilitation

Isn’t it the right time to put your insecurities behind? To make a change? To improve your dental health altogether?

You don’t have to live with mouth pain anymore or to even lose confidence in the way you look…At Lilac Abu Dhabi, we provide full reconstruction and rehabilitation of mouth by addressing your dental problems at an early stage so you can lead a healthier lifestyle, with a healthier oral system.

With technology advancements, we have the proper resources, know how & expertise to reconstruct even the most challenging cosmetic and functional cases, from partial mouth reconstruction to full mouth rehabilitation.

Who can benefit from reconstruction of mouth?

Of course, after a thorough examination by one of our experts, the right combination of treatments can be determined. Basically, patients with multiple oral health problems such as damaged/missing teeth and gum damage require full mouth reconstruction.

Why reconstruction of mouth in Abu Dhabi at Lilac UAE?

Convenient location

Easy booking of appointments

Payment facilities

Honest recommendations and advice

Your satisfaction and comfort come first

Start by taking the first step: book your appointment & let us determine what set of procedures and treatments you need. Don’t hesitate; although a full rehabilitation of mouth may take hard work & time, you will be working with a trusted team at Lilac Abu Dhabi, UAE.


patient instructions

patient instructions

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Patient education

Patient education

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